🌰The N01zet Token

The Token: Characteristics and Objectives

1. The different types of token

N01zet AZL , Utility Token

The AZL Coin is an utility token and the currency of the N01zet ecosystem. It is distributed to N01zet stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, partners, and N01zet owners. This token allows exclusive access to exchange goods and services within the N01zet ecosystem and is accessible on crypto-currency exchanges. The token's value is based on its underlying digital currency and functionality within the network. It is a native token and classified as an asset.

We chose to call our utility token AZL Coin because "AZL" refers to "Hazelnut" which is the translation of "Noisette" in French. As our company is based in France, we wanted to incorporate a nod to our French roots into the name of our token. We believe that AZL Coin represents the qualities of the hazelnut: strong, versatile, and valuable.

2. The Circulation of AZL N01zet: Local and Global

N01zet aims at revitalizing the economy by promoting responsible, ethical and ecological consumption. It emphasizes the values of Work and Sharing.

3. Use of N01zet AZL Token?

The AZL token offers holders exclusive access and functional rights within the platform, the ability to contribute to value-added shares for the community, and value based on the transmission of their own information/data. It acts as the main unit of account for all internal transactions and leads to a monetizable counterparty based on user activity. The underlying blockchain automatically distributes profits to token holders.

AZL token can also be converted to fiat currency through credit card or bank transfer. This allows for seamless integration of the token into everyday financial transactions. The ownership of a utility token confers access rights to preferred events and services, voting rights for special events, shares in profits, value exchange, rewards and gratuities for service, donations, and access to the Marketplace for the purchase of NFT from companies.

4. Types of Tokens Used Within the N01zet Platform

For each use its own currency! N01zet offers different types of crypto assets to its customers depending on their uses:

  • The corporate token, E-C01N, a stablecoin (indexed to the local FIAT currency) is dedicated to internal use by the corporate client for all its activities related to company savings, profit redistribution, and work council ...

  • The AZL C01N Token remains the currency of the N01zet ecosystem. It is distributed to N01zet stakeholders (customers, suppliers, partners, and N01zet owners). It is exclusive by allowing the client companies of the N01zet ecosystem to exchange goods and services. It is accessible to marketplaces of crypto-currency exchanges.

  • The "E-C01N-NFT" token is the company's performance currency. It provides access to the company's capital income. The NFT token can be private (only available from the company's stakeholders) or semi-public (available on the N01zet marketplace).

5. Distribution of Tokens At The Initiative of the Business Manager or Manager

6. Focus on the NFT N01zet Marketplace

7. Focus on the NFT Typology

8. N01zet AZL: A Currency of The N01zet Ecosystem

N01zet becomes an ecosystem currency shared between its different users of the N01zet NETWORK. N01zet circulates without leaving the loop, stimulating all the economic players in the N01zet network.

There is no credit nor N01zet overdraft: the market becomes more liquid with more transactions and with a renewed dynamism in the economy between actors who share the same values of Impact. Initially, it is the companies entering the ecosystem that receive N01zet C01Ns.

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