How N01zet Works

How does it work for organizations (Companies, Schools, Communities) ?

1) Organizations identify their challenges and the purpose of their ecosystem.

This is the strategy they want to involve your stakeholders in and create value. For example :" I want to increase sales", "I want to stimulate innovation", "I want to recruit", "I want to strengthen my brand image".

2) They define their goals and their values.

Objectives are the operational expression of their strategy. They can be performance objectives, CSR, employer brand, internal communication, customer service, education, etc. They allow their stakeholders (employees, students, community members, service providers or even customers) to collect tokens.

3) We create the digital token

Organizations can make this token available to all their stakeholders. It simplifies the exchange of services and rewards their commitment and loyalty. It's possible to differentiate between tokens associated with a monetary value (those issued for bonuses, for example, associated with a bank card) and those intended for sharing services in a private ecosystem.

4) Organizations customize their marketplace

The marketplace can includes monetary rewards or not: virtual trophies, certifications; service exchanges, goodies, coupons, and even NFTs

5) Promote peer-to-peer sharing

The stakeholders can enrich the marketplace and earn tokens by offering their products, services and skills (e.g. 1 hour of economics coaching, 1 hour of piano lessons etc).
This is an example of a Engagement Program launched by a company to raise employee awareness on CSR. For this, the company has imagined eco-responsible actions to be carried out which give the right to CSR tokens when they are successfully achieved. These tokens make it possible to value the commitment of employees and to reward it in the form of an NFT "Green Passport" certificate which attests to their investment.

Our Platform


FinTech / HRTech - Crypto core services

  • Token management which includes:
    • Wallet consultation
    • Arbitrage
    • Contributions
    • Bonuses
    • Reimbursements
    • Transfers
    • Donations
  • Saving plans: N01zet plan
  • Cash in/out options
  • Conversion between fiat and crypto engines
  • Balance review and payment on a specific wallet account
  • Real-time account-to-account transfers for peer-to-peer payments
  • Management of stakeholder savings, including payments, arbitrations, profit-sharing, reimbursements, and transfers
  • A unified vision for wage-earning assets
  • Performance management (stocks options, Bonus, Restricted Stock Units)
  • Tax optimization: pre-tax mode

Account abstraction

  • Blockchain crosschain
  • Multisign & Account Abstraction

Scalability Cloud Platform

  • Blockchain & smart contracts management
  • Agile and scalable smart contracts
  • Api management to access the partner ecosystem
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Micro-services
  • Open Source, Secure, Encrypted, High-Speed, Feasibility, Extensible, Symmetric, Non-web-centric, Client-driven.
  • Cost Effective: Due to open source API
  • Integrated & Scalable: the systems must be inter-operable with all the other existing systems.
  • Consumer Friendly: Single store for all user information, and able to fetch all the information like Tokens, Payment, Coupons, Loyalty, Receipts,
  • Easy to use: Offering Wallet on-device applications, is important to meet users’ expectations of the sophisticated functionality and ease-of-use

Web & Mobile

  • Web & Mobile (iOS and Androïd)
  • Multilingual support
  • Dark mode, white mode


  • Authorization administration and management (Impersonation)
  • Security services
  • Identity and access management


  • NFT marketplace with minting (launchpad) and trading capabilities


  • Marketplace Focused: The objective is to deliver a fantastic customer experience in purchasing within focused marketplaces.
  • Barter Marketplace


  • Performance management using KPIs and OKRs ("Quests" - engagement & loyalty programs)