Frequently asked questions

Can N01zet be used without financial value?

Yes, you can choose to use N01zet without financial value. For example, you can offer "experiential" rewards on your marketplace, such as a lunch with your manager or coaching in your organization, and incorporate benefits such as a day off, a gift, priority access to a service, etc. Our launches include a co-creation workshop with your stakeholders to imagine the rewards that make the most sense for your organization.

Do I have to leave my bank?

No, you do not have to leave your bank. The advantage of N01zet is that it allows you to limit financial transactions in order to save on transaction costs and bank fees, as transactions using cryptocurrencies are generally less expensive than those made using traditional means.

By using N01zet, will I be exempt from my charges?

No, it is mandatory to declare all your transactions to the tax authorities. The advantage of N01zet is that it limits these declarations in order to preserve your cash flow and reduce the costs associated with each financial transaction. All transactions are traceable and recorded on the blockchain. They are immutable and can be extracted at any time.

Do I necessarily have to be a company to create my digital token?

No, you can launch N01zet as an association, a collective, a student association, etc. N01zet allows you to develop and share value within your ecosystem, so it is useful as soon as you work with several people together.

I do not want to use all the features of N01zet, can I choose à la carte?

Absolutely, you have no obligation to use the engagement plan, the barter services, the savings offer, the marketplace etc. We build with you the solution that makes the most sense for your organization and meets your challenges as a manager.

How is data security, transactions, and regulatory tracking managed?

Banking data and transactions are sensitive and critical subjects. We work with financial intermediaries that have all the Bank of France/ACPR accreditations and approvals. N01zet has also implemented an anti-fraud governance that meets the expectations of partners. Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Business (KYB) processes meet the requirements for combating money laundering and financing terrorism (AML/CFT). Finally, the blockchain guarantees high-level security for each data and each transaction, with a precise and real-time audit trail inherent in this solution.

How does the conversion from token to fiat currency (euro, dollar, etc.) take place?

N01zet has developed a conversion engine that allows for easy switching from one value to another and offers a credit card to be able to use your tokens in the real world.

Can I use N01zet in white label?

Yes, this is possible. N01zet has been designed to be able to adapt to your customization and integration needs. Contact us to learn more.

What is your business model?

We offer a subscription per user per month as well as production costs including training for your users. We offer a special model for student associations. Contact us to learn more.

How long does the launch take?

Launches take 10 days and include framing, web3 and platform training, a collective intelligence workshop with your stakeholders, and platform configuration.

Do I need to allocate a dedicated person to manage the N01zet solution?

Yes, it is important to identify a contact person with whom we can share platform usage information and proposals to boost engagement. The time allocated to the platform is a maximum of one day per month.

How does N01zet integrate with my other tools?

N01zet has been designed to integrate with your tools via an application layer composed of APIs. Contact us to indicate which solutions you want to communicate with our platform.

How do you manage the blockchain and its carbon footprint?

Web3 is currently one of the most environmentally focused industries. As a mission-driven company concerned with our societal impact, we developed N01zet by integrating the environmental dimension from the start. Therefore, we rely on the most economical blockchains to validate the blocks in the blockchain.

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