The Blockchain

Why blockchain?

Blockchain technology embodies the concept of the "Internet of Value". It simplifies the management of intermediaries operating in many sectors of activity.
The contribution of blockchain lies in the fact that transactions are no longer archived in a single centralized database, but in a decentralized way, on all the computers of the members of the network. The blocks form what can take the form of a ledger that can be consulted and updated at the same time by all members. Blockchain technology allows for a secure peer-topeer transaction. This means that all encrypted exchanges are automatically verified by all the people who have access to the network and no longer by one of one person. It is therefore no longer necessary to call upon trusted third parties to carry out transactions.

How blockchain works?

The principles of blockchain

Distributed consensus: the transaction is completed the moment when it is integrated into a "block". The transaction is declared validated when all the miners (individuals verifying the transactions and operations carried out by users on the Blockchain network) have validated the block. They then register them on the blockchain (public register).
Synchronized and decentralized records: the blockchain lists all the transactions of the members of a network. The decentralized architecture and the cryptographic process ensure the security of the information recorded within the blockchain.
The smart contract: Smart contracts are complex transactions that follow specific rules. If the conditions are met, a smart contract automates the execution of a transaction.

The advantages of N01zet tokens

N01zet helps each company, and its clients, create a customized crypto-currency, the E-C01N (E is the Name of the enterprise)
These cryptocurrencies will possess a stable value equivalent to euros that is guaranteed for each enterprise. What’s more, N01zet will also create its own cryptocurrency “N01zet C01N). In order to expand the range of usage of E-C01N, the E-C01N could be converted to N01zet C01N, used as “local currency” in the center of the eco-system created by the customer companies, providers, or partners of N01zet. The N01zet C01N will go through the process of ICO.

Values Of The Blockchain

N01zet maximizes the five values of the blockchain.
NO1ZET maximises Blockchain values
  • Symbol Value: N01zet symbolizes the work value. The individual and collective performances conveyed through the allocation of N01zet tokens symbolize the individual and collective efforts made by the stakeholders and the company manager.
  • Work Value: The production of goods and services created by the work of stakeholders allows the creation of value through the allocation of NOIZET tokens to reward the work provided.
  • Utility Value: N01zet Tokens have a utility value because they allow to have a purchasing power, to save and to donate: the consumption of products and services with a payment based on the number of tokens obtained.
  • Exchange Value: N01zet Tokens have a capacity to be exchanged for goods and services on the N01zet marketplace and in the future in obtaining other tokens through a marketplace of exchanges of cryptoassets issued on the N01zet platform.
  • Use Value: The N01zet Tokens have the use to create a purchasing power and to satisfy the needs of the stakeholders and the manager for the performance of his company