💠The Implementation Of The ICO

1. Security in ICO

Cybersecurity must be considered in depth when preparing for the ICO: it is a priority in the financing planning of N01zet.

2. The phases of the N01zet project

3. Smart Contract and Token Offering Document (TOD)

The Smart Contract uses deterministic (i.e. predetermined and nonmodifiable) algorithms to define the conditions under which the relationship between the funds collected and the tokens issued takes place.

In this respect, the white paper provides an important basis for the future relationship between the company and the tokens.

The TOD contains detailed references to the legal structure of the tokens themselves and all legal issues related to the tokens.

4. ICO token planning

If the ICO is successful, the funds acquired will be invested in the development of the product, as described in the white paper. Investors will always be kept informed of the progress of the project and constant communication will be maintained on different channels.

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