Company’s purpose

  • N01zet offers a game-changing web3 banking solution, empowering organizations to share value and make a positive impact.
  • Our international team (mainly 🇫🇷) is on a mission to make a positive impact on society by relentlessly pursuing innovation, collaboration, and action. Our company is dedicated to finding new and better ways to enhance the value it provides to its clients and their stakeholders. With a focus on responsible investment and sustainable development, N01zet empowers employees and decision-makers with access to capital, savings, salary benefits, and charitable donations.


Our purpose is reflected in the management and development of N01zet as a company, which is committed to:
  • Giving the company a human, innovative, socially responsible face which allows its collaborators to associate an individual and collective well-being in the exercise of their activity
  • Ensuring responsible and sustainable economic development within the context of its activities and in the development of its solutions
  • Minimising the carbon footprint.
The societal impact of N01zet is evaluated through three key indicators of progress:
  • The number of employees of client companies whose company savings managed by N01zet are invested in socially responsible supports
  • The number of employees of client companies having access to the capital of their company via N01zet
  • The number of stakeholders who adhere to its charter of environmental and social responsibility of all its stakeholders
This paper explains how N01zet is a cutting-edge web3/blockchain company that is revolutionizing the way organizations manage their value. Our solution empowers organizations to become their own banks, enabling them to effectively share value with their stakeholders.
With our unique selling points, N01zet is poised to lead the charge in the next generation of financial systems. We are strongly convinced that our company has the potential to succeed and to be a real web3/blockchain game changer.
  • Our technology is based on cutting-edge research and development, which allows us to offer a unique and highly efficient solution in the market.
  • Our team is composed of experts in the field (Finance, HR, Blockchain, Web3, people engagement), who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, which allows us to stay ahead of the curve in terms of innovation and development.
  • We have a strong focus on user adoption and community engagement (Web3 principles), which allows us to deliver a product that is tailored to the needs and preferences of our users.
  • Our solution addresses a real problem in the market, and offers a significant improvement over existing solutions, which gives us a strong competitive advantage.
  • Our startup is already gaining traction and recognition within the blockchain and web3 community (sold out of our first NFT collection in 2 minutes), which further strengthens our position in the market.

There is a problem

Unsolved for a reason

Alternative solutions are not scalable in B2B operations
Blockchain and the creation of local complementary currencies are alternative to engage stakeholders without middle-men. But they are:
  • limited to a geographical area
  • not easily recognized by authorities and traditional financial institutions
  • must be perceived as stable and reliable to gain the trust of its Affiliates

We've found the solution

We enable organizations to to be their own bank
To help leaders save money, engage and retain their employees, build customer loyalty and make exchanges with their external and internal suppliers more fluid

Here is our value proposition

N01zet is a Web3 core-banking platform that allows organizations to create their own currency
We make it easy to engage, retain and fluidify exchanges between stakeholders with a private and stable digital token.

We gather the tools to facilitate the

Production Value:
  • 🪙 Token creation and management: N01zet provides organizations with the ability to create and manage their own tokens, such as the “Company Coin” with a value of 0.01€. They can use these tokens to engage and reward stakeholders, as well as associate them with their capital.
  • 🎯 Engagement and loyalty programs : Organizations can also create engagement plans, where they can set goals related to their business challenges and allow users to earn tokens by achieving those goals. For example, your employees can earn 100 “Company Coins” by biking to work 10 times a month.
  • ♾️ Barter services (utility NFTs) : Users can exchange products and services for tokens, such as trading 1 hour of coaching for 200 NZT Coins or selling an electric bike for 20,000 NZT Coins.
  • 💵 Bonus: the platform allows organizations to tokenize employee bonuses, giving employees the option to cash out, reinvest in the company's savings plan, or use the tokens to purchase items on the organization's marketplace.
Consumption Value:
  • 🛒 Marketplace : We provide a customized marketplace that can include goods and services produced by the organization, as well as internal benefits.
  • 💳 Payments by bank transfer and credit card : Users can withdraw tokens by using the organization's credit card or making transfers.
  • 💰 Company savings plan: N01zet offers savings and retirement plans for employees, allowing them to view all of their their salary assets on the same platform
Sharing Value:
  • 🎁 Donations: users can donate their tokens to associations or even to their colleagues
  • 🗳 Profit-sharing and incentive plans : organizations can simply associate their employees by assigning them capital tokens
  • 🌐 Trade finance & Financial netting : rather than paying intermediaries (FOREX, netting), organizations can share goods and services within their subsidiaries in a simple, fast and cost-free way
These features enhance company performance by increasing employee engagement and loyalty, improving financial management, and promoting transparency in transactions and exchanges.

Missions and fields of innovation

With the N01zet platform, we want to put the employee at the heart of business strategy and digital transformation.
N01zet concretely weaves new links between innovation, economic performance, and social impact development in a context of repeated crises. N01zet aims to facilitate access to salary benefits for all at a marginal cost.

Putting the stakeholders at the heart of the company

N01zet is a tool that allows companies to provide services that strengthen the connection to their stakeholders by giving them more meaning to their value, inspiring and retaining them, and allowing them to take ownership of their shares. Recent studies show that stakeholders with value-sharing arrangements are two times more productive than those without this arrangement.

Facilitate access to value-sharing schemes for the benefit

Today, value sharing systems are perceived as difficult to set up and use. N01zet is a solution that simplifies the access and management of value sharing for business leaders and stakeholders alike. Thanks to a platform and a company token we create, a unique device, the barriers to value sharing can be removed.

Ensure security, transparency and traceability

By leveraging Blockchain technology, N01zet ensures realtime transparency, security, and traceability of transactions for all stakeholders in the process.