💎Differentiation factors

N01zet's innovation through the concept of " Unique Selling Point " allows N01zet to offer a real breakthrough in the market. It offers all the features in one platform, rather than yet another independent solution to manage and pay for.

Instead of providing a tool for meal vouchers, another for employee savings plans, and yet another for vacation checks for employee committees, N01zet integrates all employee benefit and loyalty solutions. Our an all-in-one platform has no equivalent.

N01zet ecosystem : advantages against FIAT Currencies

Private currency: "Enterprise Coin"

Salary savings - Plan N01zet

Digitalized benefits enterprise Marketplace: advantages over traditional solutions

Donations: advantages over traditional solutions

N01zet Sharing Value Platform : a permanent innovation

The technical solution " N01zet Sharing Value Platform " includes elements of differentiation and performance in several areas, as shown in the table below.

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