📅The Bonus and The Halving Day

The bonus

N01zet intends to reward all its stakeholders (employees, customers, prospects, suppliers, partners) for their respective contributions, based on the following criteria:

  • Quality and performance for the missions carried out (for the stakeholders)

  • Revenue generated per employee (for clients)

  • Quantity and quality of work provided to deliver a good or service (for suppliers, associates, or partners)

  • Quantification of interactions - survey responses, participation in demo and beta testing phases (for prospects)

  • A percentage of revenue generated (for business contributors)

This list is not exhaustive and will be completed as the N01zet project progresses.

This reward aims at recognizing the efforts of all the stakeholders in the development of N01zet. All these contributions will make the success of N01zet and will be evaluated based on the quality of the service, the engagement, and the respect for the deadlines.

Every 4 years, N01zet divides the number of rewards distributed each month by two (Halving Day).

As a matter of fact, the total number of rewards distributed each month is fixed in advance. As mentioned before, the reward provided to our stakeholders, the number of N01zet AZL tokens allocated to the market gradually decreases. Without surprise, the value of the tokens will augment consequently.

It was born in 2017 with the emergence of Bitcoin, which has become a preferred method of funding crypto projects and companies. Thanks to the acquisition of purely digital investors and its intrinsic dematerialization, its reach is potentially global, hence higher than the average of other funding methods. Moreover, it is at the origin of a great democratization of the investment insofar as the access is facilitated and the "entry ticket" very affordable (a few hundred euros or equivalent).

Tokens creation

  • 7,000,000,000 tokens issued in total

  • 25% (1,750,000,000) will be open to the public

The 75% rest will be used for other purposes. For example the 30% reserves of the 7 billion tokens will be saved for the halving day in the future(cf "Halving Day" Slide)

Halving Day

Every 4 years, N01ZET divides the number of reserves by two (Halving Day).

As a matter of fact, to ensure the benefits to our investors: you and all other stakeholders, we are going to burn out half of the reserves every 4 years, decreasing the existing tokens, given that the total number of rewards distributed each month is fixed in advance, the value of the token will consequently increase.

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